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Late Qing Dynasty Rare White Ground Rose Pink Border Double-Red Peony Phoenix Plates 晚清 稀有经典白地粉彩玫瑰粉红边沿凤凰双红牡丹盘
by MNP Auction Team
0 Bids
Starting price: MYR 3,300
Date : 02 Dec 2023
Late Qing Guangxu Dynasty Classic White Ground White Border Standing Phoenix Peony Buddhist Emblems Plates清光绪 经典白地白沿边站立凤凰牡丹八宝盘
by MNP Auction Team
0 Bids
Starting price: MYR 3,600
Date : 02 Dec 2023
Malaysia, 10 Ringgit ,S/N AR2735561-AR2735570, UNC and Malaysia, 2 Ringgit, S/N BV0942161-BV0942170, UNC so as is, no return
by MNP Auction Team
1 Bids
Starting price: MYR 380
Date : 24 Nov 2023
Malaysia,Premium Set,1 Ringgit, 5 Ringgit, 10 Ringgit, 20 Ringgit, 50 Ringgit, 100 Ringgit,S/N AAA0005694, AA0005694(RM50),sold as is, no return
by MNP Auction Team
0 Bids
Starting price: MYR 570
Date : 24 Nov 2023

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