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Art Lives : A Story of 12 artists from 4 Countries Coming Together

Art Lives showcases a variety of art pieces encapsulating life's wonders and the beauty of nature via different techniques and concepts.

The group exhibition consists of paintings and sculptures created by 12 different artists from different regions of Malaysia, China, Japan and Taiwan. 

The journey of the artists is often one filed with trumps and tribulation and it is commendable to see artists from 4 different countries coming together and committing themselves especially during this time when cross-border travelling is still restricted. 

Among the artists featured are Katy Yu (China), Ling Chyi Chiou (Taiwan), Sanae Yamada (Japan) while the Malaysian artists comprise Artjamila, Gary Lim, Kamil Shafie, Khaw Siew Khoon, Loo Ley See, Sawee Cheah, Shahroom Ahmed, Rull Mackenzie, and Yoon Sook Fong.

Image showing the artwork by Sanae Yamada.  For more art pieces, click video 📹

Art Lives is held at Ming Art Gallery in Gurney Paragon , Penang from Jan 14th - 22nd 2022.

Drop in to view the various art pieces in person  🖼️ 🗿 

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