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Preserving Malaysia's Peranakan Story: The Art of Straits Chinese Collecting By Best2Bid Technology Corp

Decoding Famille Rose Porcelain

A key focus will be examining the motifs and meanings in Straits Chinese famille rose porcelain. Also known as "fencai", the overglaze polychrome style featuring vibrant pinks, purples, greens and yellows became popular in the 18th century. Stephen will decode recurring Straits Chinese motifs like phoenixes, peonies, butterflies and peacocks that adorned tableware and decorative items. The interplay of colours and symbols reveals the multicultural identity.

Spotlight on Signature Pieces

Stephen will highlight stellar examples of Straits Chinese porcelains available to today's collectors. From important hallmarks to evaluating age, condition and authenticity, he will share insider tips to identify prized pieces and avoid costly mistakes. Whether it is starting a new collection or expanding existing family heirlooms, Stephen's guidance will prove illuminating.

Preserving Cross-Cultural Fusion

For Straits Chinese descendants or any Malaysian, collecting Peranakan antiques creates a tangible connection to this fading yet still vibrant facet of our diverse heritage. Straits Chinese artefacts invoke nostalgia but need not feel outdated. Displaying them with care conveys respect. Join Stephen's virtual event this Saturday and discover how to thoughtfully preserve Malaysia's Peranakan story.

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